10 Day Body Reset Programme


10 Day Body Reset Programme

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Over the years we’ve come to realise that most people want to live a healthier life, but don’t really know where to start, or are overwhelmed at the potential expense and effort. We’ve carefully created this programme to walk you through a simple ‘Body Reset’ that frees you from some of the trappings of processed and ‘unkind’ foods, and that gives you tools, guidelines, shopping lists, meal plans and recipes that will leave you feeling like the best version of yourself. 

‘Body reset’ isn’t about a complete body transformation or a quick fix solution to symptoms and health concerns within 10 days. It’s about a mind-shift towards wholesome eating that will promote health and vitality. This is not a detox programme, and it’s not about deprivation, calorie counting or scales. It’s a ‘kind programme’ with clear-cut guidelines on how to substitute some of the junk with goodness in a practical and do-able manner. 


10 Day Body Reset Plan
Including shopping lists, prep list  and advice on how to nourish your body
Free Body Reset Companion 
An Appendix to the Reset Program, available for free if you purchase the Reset, packed with advice and information on eating for wellness

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